Business Philosophy

Most of my customers want me to finish the project as quickly as possible. These customers want me onsite as early as possible and want me to stay as late as possible, while other customers prefer I wait until they have left for work and like things to be wrapped up before they get home. I will always schedule my work on the project around what is convenient for the homeowner.​ ​Your the boss!   

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Clear grade hickory, no stain. This floor is freshly coated, still wet.

‣  subfloor leveling and damage replacment

‣   flush mount vents

​Company Goals

Refinishing work photographs

‣traditional and low v.o.c varnishes  

Hi gloss, dark stained red oak.

Stain Vs. natural

Matte finish, medium stain red oak.

I'm the professional carpenter, your the Boss.

‣   patches on pre existing hardwood floors

​Offering small company workmanship at big company prices, my main goal is providing the slowest wearing ,highest quality floors at an affordable price to the customer. Using only sustainably harvested wood from sawmills located right here in the U.S.A, you can feel confident knowing your flooring is of the highest quality and will last for generations.   

‣   Custom blend stains

‣  Custom hand made threshold plates

​​​​Staining a hardwood floor entails more work and expense. Staining a floor opposed to having a natural finish is exponentially more difficult and time consuming.However, staining a floor also gives the homeowner control to change the appearance of any given wood to match the color and feel of the room or house. Samples of stain are best placed directly on the floor so the homeowner can see exactly what the colors look like.  

#1 common grade white oak,matte finish. Note the floor owner  inspecting my work.