​​​​​Preparation of the project area can be time consuming and expensive. Its a good place for the homeowner to save time and money. The preparation would include door removal,trim removal, taping of any wires to the wall,register removal and a quick run around the project area with a shop vac. Floors should also be examined for nails or any other foreign objects,especially after carpet removal. On many sanding and or refinishing projects, its not necessary to remove doors or trim,but it is ideal for aesthetic and structural quality. Preparation of floors are included in my estimates. I will discount homeowners an amount on the estimate according to how much prep work they plan to do or hire out. I will be posting "how to" videos on preparation work soon.  


  Top quality hardwood flooring craftsmanship with over 13 years experience. Offering traditional and new low V.O.C, low odor floor coatings. Specializing in traditional raw and pre finish hardwood floor installation, patching, sanding, staining and coatings.

Deciding on wood species,color options,varnish profile and varnish sheen should not be a head ache. personal preference should be the leading factor with regards to how you want your floor to look and feel. There are many options and few restrictions when it comes to the look and feel of your floor. I'm available via email or phone to answer any questions about your project,whether you hire me or not, I'm happy to give any advice. -Jonclaude@allhandsflooring.com          (217)-979-1799 

​Deciding on what type of wood species,color options,varnish type and sheen.

Please be aware that the tools used in this kind of work are especially loud. In my experience, most homeowners usually board their pets with friends or family. Its also common for me to see the family members walking through the project area with their winter ear muffs on:) Its a really good idea to protect your ears while exposing yourself to the project area.     


N.W.F.A  Approved installation methods. Well maintained, Top of the line installation equipment.

Wide range of color selection. Multiple sheen options .Industry leading stains and varnishes. We offer standard alkyd varnishes and low V.O.C waterborne floor coatings.

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Hardwood​ floor


Preparation of home and family. 


Industry leading sanding & refinishing equipment.

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Things to know before we start

Preparation of project area.